Brendan’s Mac Circuits offers diagnostics for any computer, small device, or tablet. Below you can view prices for some of our most common repairs.

Brendan’s Mac Circuits has flat rates for most repairs, and these rates vary from model to model. Please contact us for pricing on your specific model. The below is meant as reference for some of our most common repairs. Prices are subject to change.

iPhone Repair Pricing

Prices Starting From $45
 Prices starting from
Power Button$80
Home Button$50
Ear Speaker$50
Proximity Flex/Front Facing Camera$50
Charging Port/Headphone Jack$50
Rear-Facing Camera$60

iPad Repair Pricing

Prices Starting From $45
 iPadiPad MiniiPad Air
WiFi Flex$125 upwards$45 upwards$65 upwards
Volume Flex$125 upwards$45 upwards$65 upwards
Power Flex$125 upwards$45 upwards$65 upwards
Headphone Jack$125 upwards$45 upwards$65 upwards

iPad Repair Pricing

Prices Starting From $45
WiFi Flex$125 Upwards
Volume Flex$125 Upwards
Power Flex$125 Upwards
Headphone Flex$125 Upwards
 iPad Mini
WiFi Flex$45 Upwards
Volume Flex$45 Upwards
Power Flex$45 Upwards
Headphone Flex$45 Upwards
 iPad Air
WiFi Flex$65 Upwards
Volume Flex$65 Upwards
Power Flex$65 Upwards
Headphone Flex$65 Upwards

Macbook Repair Pricing

Prices Starting From $200​
LCD$200 upwards
Keyboard$200 upwards
Battery$125 upwards
DC Inboard$150 upwards
Logicboard Repair$340 upwards
Glass$150 upwards
Trackpad$150 upwards
WiFi Card$150 upwards
WiFi Cable$125 upwards
HDD Cable$125 upwards
Optical Drive$75 upwards

iMac Repair Pricing

Prices on Mac Desktops and Towers vary greatly. Get in touch with us to request for a free diagnostic now.

Data Recovery Pricing

Dr. Brendan has a 3 tier data recovery program that bases prices on the amount of damage to a hard drive and/or its contents. For more information, do get in touch with us.

Tier 1$125 + taxes
Tier 2$275 + taxes
Tier 3$500 + taxes
Tier 4$899 + taxes

System Upgrades

If you want to increase your storage capacity or improve the speed of your device, we offer a wide range of options. The prices indicated below are inclusive of installations costs

Hard Disk Drives (HDD & SSD)

2.5” – 500GB$200
2.5” – 1TB$250
3.5” – 500GB$250
3.5” – 1TB$350
3.5” – 2TB$400
3.5” – 4TB$450
250GB SSD$250
500GB SSD$350
1TB SSD$650


4GB DDR3$65
8GB DDR3$125
16GB DDR3$140
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