Mail-in your device

Is our location too far? Ship your broken device and we'll take care of the rest!

Take advantage of our new mail-order repair service which is  designed to help you deliver your broken devices to us and we’ll then handle the rest. Simply follow the 3-step process to get started.

We’re committed to developing long-lasting relationships. So we’ve designed our mail-order repair service to address the needs of our customers in an equally long-lasting way.



Fill the form below

Use the form to help our technicians understand the scope of the problem so we can provide a quicker solution. You will receive a confirmation mail with your responses.


Ship your device to us

8 St Marks Place, New York, NY 10003

Include the form in the package. We recommend getting both insurance and tracking.


We take care of the rest!

  • We will send you an email with confirmation of receipt and an order number from us.
  • We will fix the device as quickly as possible.
  • You will provide payment and we’ll send your device back within 7 business days (unless contacted otherwise)

Mail-in Form

1Issue Details
2Shipment Details
3Your Details
Please complete the main-in form to start the process.
Would you like to repair your device or recycle it?(Required)
Provide any physical damage on your device besides the main issue you don't care about. For instance, a computer can't power on, but the cracked screen in the corner is not a big deal to worry about. This helps us field all your issues and ensure your shipment to us isn't unexpectedly damaged.
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